Fantasy Football: How to play 2: LEAGUES

Global Leagues
Once you have registered and picked your team it will be placed in THREE leagues according to questions you answered in the registration. If you are a fan of Fulham, then you will be in a league with others who claimed Fulham as their favourite team. If you live in England then you will be in the same league as the hundreds of thousands of others who registered from there. As I live in Spain, I am in a smaller league, amongst tens of thousands of  Fantasy League players living in Spain.

And there is yet another league, OVERALL, consisting of more than 2.5 million people last season. They are all the people in the world who registered with the Premier League game.

Of course, you and everybody else each have only the one team. It is simply ranked in the three leagues by computer and they are called 'Global' leagues because everyone who joins the game is automatically ranked in these categories.

Public Leagues
You might want to join in a smaller league so that you do not feel so swamped by the huge memberships. To do this you should go to the Leagues page and click on Create/Join then scroll down to a section called Public Leagues. Just click on the link below this message and you will immediately become a member of a Public League of 20 players. You can choose between Classic and Head-to-Head. (Maybe you can choose both. I prefer the Classic so have not tried to join in both)

Public leagues

Public leagues allow you to compete against 19 randomly assigned game players. You can enter up to 3 public leagues. Note, you can't remove your team from a public league, once the challenge is on there's no quitting.

 Private Leagues
 In addition you can start your own Private League by inviting a group of friends. To do this you need their e-mail addresses. Anyone who wishes to start a private league can do so. Simply click Leagues in the left column of links on the website and then the tab Create /Join.  You will be offered the chance to start your own league by entering a name for it eg Wigan Pier. (So have the name ready!) The website will then show you a code and a space to enter the email addresses of the people you wish to invite into your Wigan Pier League.

If on the other hand you have received such a code from someone else then you should go into the site in the same way by clicking on Create/Join and enter the code to join the others in this private (eg Tiger Balm Gardens) league.

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