Saturday, 26 June 2010

Italy and France left this week. There but for .....

...... the luck that every successful team needs Go England!

Yes, France lost to South Africa in their last group game. Anelka had been sent home and captain, Evra, was not chosen to play. One report said that the team went home 'economy class'. Domenech, the manager, seems to be an unyielding and opinionated character.  More to come on this soap opera as the French government orders an investigation to find out Who Is Responsible! Or maybe, who is more responsible than others.

Italy were in the same position as England going into their last match with two draws and had to beat Slovakia, compared to England's Slovenia. They lost 2-3, so home went the World Cup holders!! England with the win over Slovenia coming second in their Group play Germany tomorrow afternoon. Despite the confident English press comments I think the German mixture of mature and younger players will win......... but hope to be wrong.

Brazil and Portugal played an ugly boring match last night. 0-0, and both teams go through to the next round.

Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and Argentina: one of those four. One of the two latter?

But, wait a minute, Spain left some of their tiki-taka out of their play last night, were more direct with Torres in the centre. David Villa was the one who settled them with a first goal from distance into an empty net. The Chile goalie had charged out to hunt down a loose ball but only succeeded in scuffing it into Villa's path. Ended 2-1 to Spain. They have got the class to win the World Cup. But how would they fare against the iron men Maicon and Lucio of Brazil? (Two of the Mourinho's Milan Champions' League winning team)


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  1. Those who saw the South African manager try to shake hands with Domenech, the French one, without success will appreciate a comment in this piece.

    It is about money matters but his early comments on events are worth reading.