Thursday, 12 August 2010

No good at all!

England won last night's friendly (v Hungary) thanks to an inspired piece of passion from captain Gerrard with two goals, a lively performance from Adam Johnson plus solid goalkeeping from Joe Hart, but again nothing from a surly Rooney. And the opposition were ranked 72 in the World
In the pre-match television footage of news and comment, the England manager managed some English to describe his own performance in last month's World Cup in South Africa - "not so good" and his comment on Rooney's  performance last night - "he's not in a good moment". The first quote is witheringly weak as a summing up of two years' work with the English team. The second means that Rooney did not play well, or was having a nervous breakdown, or in a huff, or belligerent, or off form, or needed the toilet, or pissed off. Any or all of these!

How many of us in the early stages of trying out another language end up using the word for 'good' or  'well' (as in 'doing well) to excess? It is a classic sign of lack of more exact words but can be admired in some circumstances as 'at least trying to communicate'. It is a sign that you are in the early stages, a beginner.

In Capello's case, in a job which requires clarity and depth in explaining what he wants, his performance is 6 million pounds from being acceptable - his salary is reportedly £6m. Surely, he should do 'gooder' than he does in this most important part of a manager's job. And after two years!

And here's how the Telegraph described his handling of David Beckham's England career. 

And here's the match report England v Hungary, friendly, from the Guardian

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