Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Crystal Balls

Two matches into the Premier League, 2010, we have had some sparkling play with lots of goals:
In week 1, Blackpool, newly-promoted, thrash Wigan 4-0  (but get thrashed by Arsenal 6-0 in week 2). Chelsea start with a 6-0 win against WBA and a hat-trick for Drogba. Man U win 3-0 against Newcastle with an uninspiring Rooney. Spurs and Man City draw 0-0.

In the second week of the season there were three 6-0 wins:  Chelsea against Wigan away, and Arsenal at home against Blackpool, plus Newcastle at home against Aston Villa. Drogba, by the way, doesn't score this week but laid on three goals for Anelka (2) and Malouda (1).

Chelsea top the league as the only team with two wins! They do have easy-looking fixtures to begin the season: WBA, Wigan, Stoke, West Ham, Blackpool  .....till Man C in the sixth week.

There are some new strikers to notice: Carroll of Newcastle, Chamakh of Arsenal; Odenwingie at West Brom. And will it be the season when a more confident, after his England game, Zamora scores 20?  Personally, I doubt it. He still misses the goal too often but we'll see!

There are some names from last season who are going to make an impact like Bale did last season. Who will they be? Elmander of Bolton, Ngog of Liverpool, Jarvis of Wolves, Wilshere of Arsenal, Walcott of Arsenal, or defenders like Williamson of Newcastle, Assou-Ekoto of Spurs, Evans of Man U? Hart of Man C has already made an impression, and at that club there are so many new names that in the shake-up some of them will surely impress - or will it be last season names like Tevez and Richards and Johnson - why didn't Capello take him to South Africa? (By the way there was a Sheikh up in the City stands for the match v Liverpool last night)

The transfer window closes at the end of August in a week's time. Clubs have to register 25-player squads but can call upon as many Under-21s as they wish. How will these new rules affect the season?

There's lots to come in and around the next 36 matches of the Premier League's 2020-2011 season. Real and Fantasy Managers need strong nerves and/or crystal balls!?

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